Supported Employment

supported employment

Supported Employment enabled jobs are now provided throughout the country by many employers to enable people that have learning disabilities to enter the world of work.

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People that have learning disabilities are proving themselves over and over again to be reliable and motivated staff. These are qualities that all employers seek from their workforce.

Many Employers are facing recruitment difficulties, therefore Co-Options act to bring Employers and people with learning disabilities together, for their mutual benefits. We do this by providing a comprehensive service to the Employer and to people with learning disabilities. We employ staff we call Employment Coaches to help employers.

The role of Employment Coaches is to provide the crucial link between our service users and employers.

The Employment Coach will then research and approach employers with a view to negotiating possible opportunities.

When employed, support needs will continue to be met by the Employment Coach within the workplace until support is no longer required. Support will be gradually withdrawn and the new employee’s progress monitored on a regular basis.

For information contact Fiona Murray  01745 851454