Welcome to CoOptions Social Enterprises

Our Mission

“Connecting people with Learning Disabilities to opportunities”

Andy Lowe Managing Director Co-Options Ltd

Our Companies

We’re proud of our social enterprises creating jobs and opportunities for people with learning difficulties in North Wales.  To find out more about any of our social enterprises please visit our companies page.



CoOptions Social Enterprises

What We Do

Co-Options are a collection of social enterprises that together offers range of opportunities for people with learning disabilities.

Working Opportunities

We provide voluntary working opportunities for people in:
Small Farming / Arts and Crafts / Catering / Cycling / Recycling / Retailing

Supported Employment

We provide paid employment opportunities through our supported employment service working with other employers to develop the right job and right conditions of employment.

We provide a wide range of community leisure opportunities through our Leisure Service, throughout the week and evenings and weekends too. We provide support to enable the development of skills such as independent travel training, cooking and shopping and we also try to help people to connect and make friends.

Share Care

We can provide a wide range of personal support services through our registered agency “Share Care”. Whatever your needs talk to us, we can help.

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